About Me

My whole life's journey has always been one of self-discovery. Reaching midlife ramped it up to whip-lashing speed with an intensity to match, and words like love, peace, happiness, health, acceptance, compassion and surrender took on a whole new meaning. Now, unlike then, I understand what true power really means and it has nothing to do with money, title or muscle strength. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I discovered that I always had it... just didn't know it. The good news is that we all have it. The bad news is that we don’t all know it or how to find it. One of my passions is helping you find yours.

My Philosophy

I've learned that physical dis-ease is rarely limited to just the physical body and includes both a mental and emotional component. Our body is always sending us messages and one of the ways it talks to us is through pain. Unlike emotional and mental pain, the physical is hardest to ignore and therefore the one that gets our attention when all other attempts have been ignored. Each ache and pain points us to a specific area of our life that needs our attention. With the help of a doctor, and medicine, our physical symptoms can be relieved however it's up to us to find the root source through internal inquiry.

Nobody knows your body as well as you do and to believe otherwise is like giving your power away. By taking responsibility for the parts of your life only you can control, namely your thoughts and emotions, and working in combination with your doctor, you will be able to speed up your healing and stay healthy. The key words are "stay healthy". I believe that we all have the potential to heal ourselves, through our own body's intelligence, and therefore the cure lies within each one of us. The question is, do you and if so, would you like to learn how?

I've also come to see that every single relationship I have, romantic and not,mirrors to me what I need to address within myself. This is it's only purpose. I've learned that it's my own responsibility to create a happy, fulfilling and peaceful life for myself. Peace comes to me when I stop trying to control someone else and instead put my energy into controlling my reaction to everything external that I can't control.

We need each other to teach us about our self, the good qualities as well as those we perceive to be negative. We are the sum of all of them and it's our choice which ones we'll engage most often, to the best of our ability.When we do this successfully we notice that we are able to love unconditionally, both our self and others.

After all, learning to love unconditionally is the greatest and most important lesson in the world, and what every life's journey is about.

Vidica Simpson




Martha Beck Certified Life Coach Martha Beck Certified Relationship Certified

Why Do I Coach?

Vidica Simpson - Life Coach

"I like helping people find what they're looking for, their own right answers.

You don't have to settle for less once you understand that you hold the key to your own health and happiness. You have the power if you want to use it.

We spend many years looking outside ourselves for peace, joy, freedom and love until one day we discover all that we seek can be found within. Simply put, we radiate from the inside out and create all that we have from this perspective."