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I look forward to helping you make sense of your world and finding the joy in every experience and every relationship. Your feelings are your messengers, don't shut them down because you don't understand what they are saying, with a little help you can learn their language. You have all the answers within you, and I can help you find them.

Self transformation is a commitment you make to yourself when you are ready to live life on your terms and feel good. To start all you need is an open heart, mind and a willingness to try.

Sessions are flexible and can be done in person, by telephone/Skype, through email or text. Many of my clients like to use a combination of these when they want to see faster results.

It takes time, patience, self accountability and a helping hand to replace limiting thoughts and bad habits with better ones.


Appointments are one hour in length. For your convenience please select a day and time from the availability calendar below to book your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

When life gets in the way and you need to cancel your appointment, with a minimum of 24 hours notice you can easily reschedule to a more convenient time with no penalty. Should notice be less than 24 hours, you risk forfeiting fees already paid.

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