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Are You Listening?

Ok, so I just read something that I have to share with you ASAP!!!

Are You Listening?Lately I’ve been reading some books by Alice Miller who primarily writes about childhood trauma and how it affects us in adulthood. I want to share an excerpt from a journal written by a recovering anorexic found in Alice Miller’s book titled “ The Body Never Lies”.

“I don’t want to die! You keep on saying I want to die, but it’s a lie, complete and utter nonsense. I want to live, but not the way other people tell me to, just so they can prevent me from dying. I want to live as the person I really am. But they won’t let me. No one let’s me. They all have designs on me. And what they’re really doing is snuffing out my life with those designs. I wanted to tell you that, but how could I? How can you tell people that, …………I really feel no one listens to me. ……..You say you want to listen to me, but all you do is try to impress me, you want to fool me, you want me to like you, admire you, and you want to get something out of this whole business……….. Genuine communication, something I’ve longed for all my life. My anorexia was a flight from this spurious, poisoned nourishment. It saved my life; it preserved my desire for warmth, understanding, communication, and exchange…….”-The Fictional Diary of Anita Frank

I continue to be haunted by ‘Anita’s’ truth after reading this because I know this is how we all feel. We all want someone to just listen, REALLY listen to us.  Sure, we don’t all express this need by becoming anorexic however let’s not kid ourselves, we all express our truth in our own way. Food, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, nail biting, jogging, judging, criticizing, gossiping, over achieving, controlling………I have started to make a point of noticing how it manifests for me. Do you know how it manifests for you?

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Sunday, 25 October 2020

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