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The Pain Journey

By GiGi

Thru pain, I realize my weaknesses.
Thru pain, I acknowledge my actions.
Thru pain, I must face my loneliness.
Thru pain, I search for answers.
Thru pain, I ask for meaning.
Thru pain, I look to God.
Thru pain, I question my motives.
Thru pain, I seek the Light.
Thru pain, I learn to forgive.
Thru pain, I let go of obstacles.
Thru pain, my friends will gather.
Thru pain, my prayers have meaning.
Thru pain, the dark is frightening.
Thru pain, my heart is broken.
Thru pain, my spirit is aching.
Thru pain, my burden feels heavier.
Thru pain, my tears seem endless.
Thru pain, my world seems hollow.
Thru pain, I reach into my abyss.
Thru pain, I learn to love.
Thru pain, I must forever believe.
Thru pain, I await the new day.
Thru pain, I discover my strength.
Thru pain, I let go of control.
Thru pain, I become child-like.
Thru pain, I must be by myself.
Thru pain, the flicker of hope remains.
Thru pain, I must accept defeat.
Thru pain, is the joy of surrender.
Thru pain, self-love is the journey.
Thru pain, my mind becomes calm.
Thru pain, my vulnerability is apparent.
Thru pain, I can offer compassion.
Thru pain, I can receive love.
Thru pain, I transcend materialism.
Thru pain, I chip away at my rigid thinking.
Thru pain, I discover my calling.
Thru pain, the rain is sweet.
Thru pain, the wind is an embrace.
Thru pain, the earth sustains.
Thru pain, time stands still.
Thru pain, my senses are heightened.
Thru pain, my logic is dulled.
Thru pain, my love can be genuine.
Thru pain, my heart awaits.
Thru pain, feelings are confronted.
Thru pain, I learn to accept.
Thru pain, God will carry me.
Thru pain, I become one with my sister,
my brother.
Thru pain, I know myself.

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When I fail, I fail better

“Doing  the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving and as I was busy with preparations for the family dinner I was mindful to notice the many blessings I had to be thankful for.

It has been a very difficult year in many respects and at the same time a most terrific year, the flow of life. My personal belief is that the difficult times give me an opportunity to grow by stretching me beyond my ‘safe’ limits while the easy times allow me to catch my breath, enjoy  the results of my efforts and prepare me for the next growth spurt.

The thing that stands out most for me from this past weekend is how just when I think I’ve got it ‘right’ I find that I don’t. My children are usually the first to help me see this and back to the drawing board I go. I read somewhere that failure is good; each time I fail, I fail better and if I don’t give up I will eventually run out of ways to fail and that’s when I’ll get it ‘right’. I don’t know about you but I find this VERY exciting! There are only two key prerequisites that I must remember: each failure must be due to a different response from whatever my previous one(s) was and I must not quit until there is nothing left but success. It’s simply a process of elimination.

I am thankful for my children and the many opportunities they give me to stop the insanity!

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When the facts are clear the choices are obvious

If you’ve lived your life listening to everyone else tell you what you should want and do it’s easy to forget who you are and what you want.

Think of your feelings as messengers whose sole purpose is to tell you what you need to change in your life. Feeling ‘lost’ is calling you to find yourself. You can do this by starting to notice what feels good to you. You will recognize this feeling because it will feel liberating to you. It will feel as though a ton of bricks has been lifted from your shoulders, your body will completely relax and you will feel calm. When you feel this, trust that this is your confirmation of what you should do. Consider this your gut feel, your inner voice, your higher self.

I caution you to not get caught up in the thinking that you must know all the details from start to finish. When you trust in your ‘gut’ feel and act from that place of knowing, your path will be cleared one step at a time.

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Same, Same But Different

It is not your job to make my life perfect. Your responsibility is to your life, happiness included. You teach me how to treat you by accepting, or not, my behaviour as it relates to you. Respect and unconditional love for me starts with you practicing that with yourself first. You cannot give to me that which you don't give to yourself. There's a ...
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