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Closing the Gap

What if you knew that your physical health was linked to your emotions? Would you pay attention, do anything different, would you even care?

Research has proven there is a definite link between our physical health and our emotional state. Studies continue to show us just how closely related the two are. Epigenetics is the study of chemical reactions and factors influencing them as it relates to our genes. (More on epigenetics in future blogs)

dnaChronic painful emotions create psychological wounds that if ignored will distort our perception and thinking. Negative emotions like loneliness, failure or the fear of, rejection, low self esteem create stress and are known to cause high blood pressure, increase cholesterol levels, suppress our immune system and more. In short, unprocessed negative emotions increase our chance of illness and premature death. How well do you pay attention to your emotions?

Once we become convinced of something it is very difficult to change our mind. Replaying in our mind all the negative thoughts and beliefs becomes a habit that will eventually destroy our health. Our mind plays tricks on us, wanting us to believe it is the best friend who only wants the best for us while at times acts like our worst enemy. When something is going well it tells us how brilliant we are and just as easily when something goes wrong it will tell us how absolutely stupid we are. It makes us feel afraid and insignificant just as easily as it plumps us up with false bravado. As a result most of us function below our actual potential which affects both our health and quality of life.

What can we do? We have to fight feelings of helplessness, anger and sadness, break the negative cycle by gaining control of our mind. By taking action through changing our responses to the world we will become less like a victim and feel better. Just like negative emotions can make us sick positive emotions like joy, peace and happiness can heal us. They empower us by lifting our emotions which in turn reduce stress levels and restore our body to equilibrium and well being.

Let's close the gap between our physical and psychological health by making them both of equal priority. We certainly don't have anything to lose and so very much to gain!



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Sunday, 25 October 2020

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